Vietnam CR Mark certification

Vietnam Certification (CR Mark) 

QCVN (Product Certification for Technical Regulation) is a mandatory certification system stipulated by Vietnam STAMEQ (Standard Quality and Measurement Authority) for maintaining quality, stability and hygiene of all products in Vietnam. The mandatory items are gasoline, biofuels, diesel, motorcycle helmets, workers’ protective gear, toys, electrical/electronic products, PVC wires and electrical appliances, concrete reinforcement steel, hot rolled steel and pre-stress steel, LPG, EMC, cement and concrete, Fertilizers and insecticides, food and food additives, food packaging materials, fishery products and other food, livestock feeds, textile and apparel product (The most of products have 3 years of certification period and require to have a posterior judgement.) When a mandatory certification is obtained, ‘CR Mark’ is assigned.

Conformity Assessment Procedure

The certification process depends on the type of product and certification that can be determined the type test. The type of certification exists in Scheme 1~8, however, Scheme 1, 5 and 7 are most typical certification types for uses. If the product to be certified is not subject to electrical safety and mandatory certification, the certification applicant can decide the certification scheme. The mandatory certification must choose the certification scheme 5 or 7 among these schemes.

-Scheme 1: Process basic visual inspection and simple test would be carried out such as resistance and short circuit test.

-Scheme 5: Most tests are required, such as factory inspection, type test and a Regulatory Authority every 9 months

-Scheme 7: Perform type test for sample product by lot and requires a new certificate every lot.

Flow chart certification procedure

Conformity to Regulations (CoC) or Certificate of Conformity/Report of Conformity (RoC)

The objective of the Controlled Goods Registration Scheme is to protect consumers’ interest by ensuring that mandatory item lists, designated as controlled goods, meet the Safety Technical Regulation. The regulation is equally applied to both domestic and imported products. There are categorizes of controlled goods in each mandatory item list. Registration of controlled goods under the Safety Technical Regulation is based on Certificate of Conformity (CoC) and other products automatically determine as Certificate of Conformity/Report of Conformity.


Required documents

1.           Test reports: any test reports that completed with ISO 17025 accredited labs.

2.           Photographs showing exterior and interior

3.           User’s instruction Manual

4.           ISO 9001 or ISO 14000 certificate.


Certification fee and Test fee will update soon.