Certification GOST Kazakhstan

Certificate of conformity of GOST of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Certificate of Conformity of the GOST of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a certificate confirming the conformity of the product to all established norms in force in the territory of the country. The document is necessary not only for products, but also for the provision of services. But, it is necessary to take into account whether the product you produce or services rendered is included in the "Unified List of Products Subject to Mandatory Certification in the Territory of Kazakhstan".

Regulations establish standards in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification. Today, in the GOST K certification system, there are two types of certification:

- Mandatory certification;

- Voluntary certification.

A certificate is issued within a period of 20 to 30 days. The validity of the issued certificate is up to three years or for the period of product validity (one shipment certificate). To obtain such a document, it is necessary to undergo a number of procedures: analysis of the manufacturing process, sampling of finished products for testing and certification of the management system. There is also an authorization document for the single transportation of products across the border.

The branch of CERINS KAZ LLP is accredited by the Committee for Industrial Development and Industrial Safety of the RK MIR for carrying out work in the field of industrial safety, Attestatation No.KZ35VEK00005728. The list of services of the branch includes the following services:
- Declaration of industrial safety
- Approval for the use of highly hazardous industrial equipment
- Registration of the metrological certificate of GOST Kazakhstan
- Customs brokerage services
- Consulting certification of EURASEC regulation (EAC certification)
- Consulting certification of measuring devices
- Consulting in State registration of medical items