Metrology Certification

Measuring instruments produced and imported for import must be subjected to state tests (with subsequent approval of their type) or metrological certification.

 Metrological certification (registration) is carried out only by MSCU under Uzstandart agency. The State Enterprise "Center for the provision of metrological services" (CIMS) is a structural self-supporting unit of the agency "Uzstandart", established in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 342 of 03.10.2002 "On measures to improve the system of standardization, metrology and certification of products and services ". The State Metrology Service carries out metrological control and supervision, as well as other activities in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The objects of state metrological control and supervision are:

- Standards;
- Measuring instruments;
- Standard samples of the composition and properties of substances and materials;
- Information and measuring systems;
- Measurement techniques;
- Other objects stipulated by the norms and rules of metrology.

We assist in the metrological certification of measuring instruments for 17 types of measurements:
- measurement of mass;
- measuring density and viscosity, physico-chemical, optical and optical-physical quantities;
- measuring time and frequency;
- measuring geometric quantities;
- mechanical measurements;
- measurement of motion parameters;
- verification of measures of capacity (volume) of liquids;
- measuring electrical and magnetic quantities.

* Verification takes place within 15 working days.

CERINS renders services in assisting to type approval or metrology certificates at Uzstandard Agency. Services for preliminary assessment of works before actual shipment. To provide the above services, the customer must provide all the technical documentation (specification) and the HS Code code of the product.