GOST R Certification

Certificate of Conformity of the GOSTSTANDARD of Russian Federation

The Certificate of Conformity Gost R is a document confirming compliance of the certified product with all established standards of the Russian Federation. The document issued will be valid throughout the country.

To date, there are several types of certification: mandatory and voluntary certification. Voluntary certification is necessary to confirm the quality of the product, in case your product is not listed in the "Unified list of products subject to mandatory certification". If the product is within the unified list, without certification its importation and circulation in Russian market is impossible.

As a rule, the obligatory certification in the Russian Federation is subject to positions that affect the health and safety of people. The range of goods subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity in Russia extends both to imports and to domestic products. In relation to goods intended for children or medical products, as well as almost all types of technological equipment, it is required to register the GOST R certificate of conformity without fail.

GOST R certificate may be given for specific shipment of products and for serial production.
Please, note that certified products are quality products and it will have a good demand in the market.

In the GOST R system, the CERINS group of companies can provide services for the preparation of following certificates and declarations:
- Certificate of compliance with technical regulations of the Russian Federation
- Declaration of compliance with technical regulations of the Russian Federation
- Fire Safety Certificate per GOST R
- Certificate and declaration of conformity GOST R
- Hygienic Certificate
- Rejection letter (Certification weaver letter)
- Certificate of state registration of measuring devices (devices)
- Type approval of measuring devices (UPAC)
- Permission for use of equipment (Rostekhnadzor)
- State registration of medical items