Price and Quantity Verification

"CERINS" renders services on independent examination of contracts and quantity of the price in Uzbekistan. Examination is carried out on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On the procedure for carrying out an independent examination of import contracts and pre-shipment inspection of goods imported to the Republic of Uzbekistan" for No. 534 of 03.12.1997.

The purpose of the inspection is to verify the compliance of contracts with their quality, quantity, level of prices of imported goods and other contract terms. Inspection of goods is carried out, as a rule, at the place of unloading of goods by the company "CERINS".

The main conditions for issuing a positive certificate of examination of import contracts are:

- conformity of quality, quantity, level of prices of imported goods to the requirements;

- compliance of the contract with the generally accepted norms of international trade law;

- compliance of the contract terms with the legislation and normative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- compliance of the terms of the contract with the obligations assumed by the Republic of Uzbekistan to other states and international organizations;

- availability of conclusions of authorized ministries and departments when importing specific goods, technological equipment, technologies, patents and licenses for them.

Thanks to many years of experience in the implementation of major projects, our services are a guarantee of their implementation at a high professional level, in accordance with internationally accepted procedures.