About US

About us

CERINS is a group of international companies, who work in certification and state permission consulting field. CERINS assists importing and exporting companies with solutions in certifying their products within CIS member country. CERINS STANDARD LLC is an affiliated branch of the group in Uzbekistan.

Our staff’s professional and rich experience will assist you in any question in the field of compliance confirmation. You just need to contact us.

Company history:

2004 ~ Founding of CERINS KOREA in Seoul (Korea)

2010 ~ founding certification body CERINS RUS LLC in Moscow (Russia)

2014 ~ Founding affiliated branch CERINS KAZ LLC in Almata (Kazakhstan)

2015 ~ founding representative office CERINS SHANGHAI in Shanghai (China)

2016 ~ Founding CERINS STANDARD LLC in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)